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The multi-ethnic setting in the Islamic civilization in Asia and Malaysia, specifically has been a primary attraction in civilization discourses among scholars. The increasing role of the Asian Muslim community in the historical, civilization, cultural, educational, social, technological, economic, and other aspects, has led to the need to discuss and examine the current issues more deeply in order to produce new and fresh ideas as well as contribute to the development of knowledge. Hence, this seminar is one of the interdisciplinary platforms of discourses among scholars, students, and communities to create a thinking framework that corresponds to historical experience, traditions and religious responsibilities pertaining to Islamic Civilization, Asian Civilization, Ethnic Relations and Turath Islamic Studies. This seminar provides the opportunity to social scholars across many disciplines, like Islamic studies, economics, politics, language and communications, science and technology, Asian cultural heritage, ethnic relations, Turath Islamic studies, and others, in achieving integrated educational objectives to build a multicultural nation in Malaysia. In the context of Turath Islamic studies, it has become a unique identity of USIM. In line with the aim of the integration of naqli and aqli knowledge, Turath Islamic studies is not only limited to formal lectures, but it ought to be cultivated and introduced outside of the lecture halls, including to the public.