Sustaining Islamic Heritage, Upholding Philosophy, Spearheading Civilisation and Immersing in Culture


Pusat Pengajian Teras, (PPT) Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia & Online


15th - 16th October 2024
(Tuesday & Wednesday)


i-STET 2024

iSTET 2024 is a continuation of the previous iSTET which was organized by PPT. Unlike the previous iSTET, iSTET 2024 emphasizes on the field of Philosophy and Ethics in line with two courses offered by PPT replacing Islamic & Asian Civilizations and Ethnic Relations. Philosophy is a branch of knowledge that is closely related to human life. The field of philosophy can help the progress of Muslims because of the nature of this field which is searching or trying to understand the reality. In the field of philosophy are contained the wisdom of life.

Appreciating the ethics and civilization in our country can make us know the origins of the customs and traditions of Malaysia that have been inherited from previous generations. In the context of Malaysia, philosophy and ethical appreciation can function as a basis for dialogue between religion, race and knowledge. It seeks a meeting point in diversity and cohesion to create agreement and harmony in society. The glorious legacy of Islamic tradition (Turath Islam) which contributes to the height of human civilization should not be marginalized in facing the era of modernity, especially for those who are in the higher education institutions. In line with the function of a public institution of higher learning as the centre for knowledge and intellectuality, the organization of this seminar will be one of the interdisciplinary platforms for knowledge discussions between researcher, students and the community on philosophy and civilization, ethics and Islamic traditions that drive the glory of human civilization until now.

Overall, this seminar is expected to be able to fuel the culture of knowledge sharing and exploration through the presentation session of relevant papers by presenters, while working towards achieving the objective of integrated education in building the potential of a multicultural society to lead the development of the country. This seminar also provides the opportunity for presenters from the field of Social Science to participate in the discourse of Islamic Studies, Religion, History, Civilization, Culture, Ethnicity, Politics, Economy, Language and Communication, Science and Technology, and others.